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Our aim is to support individuals with a disability to improve their physical health, wellbeing, independence, and integration into society.

We are a small charity working in deprived areas where poverty and limited medical care are a reality of everyday life. Through our support and professional expertise, we aim to make a long-lasting difference to people’s lives while benefiting the wider community.

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Our projects have been supporting disabled communities for 10+ years

Local people trained
Specialist courses funded to upskill our team in Mexico
Student placements from Keele University
Shipping containers of specialist equipment donated to communities in need

Our Projects

Catrin’s Clinic

This service provides professional evaluation and provision, where possible, of specialist equipment for people with disabilities. The clinic is run twice a week by two local physiotherapists and a wheelchair technician and on average 5 people are seen a week. The service focuses on seating for children and adults with specialised postural needs; however it also caters for children, adults and their families who need advice, education, support and specialist equipment such as crutches, walking frames and occupational therapy equipment. In addition, families are able to attend for up to 4 sessions with the physiotherapist and receive a personal home exercise program and advice for working with their child. All the equipment we use has been donated from the UK and is checked, repaired if needed and then donated. Once the family has finished with the equipment it can be returned, cleaned and checked and then is ready to re-donate again.

Catrin’s Penguins

Our aquatic therapy service incorporates a combination of hydrotherapy and Halliwick therapy which is delivered based on the needs of the individual. Therapy sessions are completed in large groups and involve different games and activities designed to teach children and adults how to control their body positions and breathing in the water.

Training is offered to volunteers and new parents to enable them to feel confident in the water and maximise the effect of the therapy for their child. Service users who learn how to swim are then supported to join a local disability sport group and provided with further specialist swimming training.


We are able to offer qualified healthcare professionals a volunteer program that is tailored to their individual skills. Volunteers select which of our projects they would like to work depending on their experience and skill level as well as being able to work in additional external community projects. In addition to our Volunteer Program we also have a 4-week credit bearing physiotherapy placement with Keele University School of Physiotherapy.

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We respond to the needs of the local community (professionals, non-professionals and families) by running courses and workshops facilitated by expert volunteers. We offer various courses for free (with and without formal qualifications) relating to relevant topics which have been requested locally, as well as offering courses we feel will be of benefit to the local community. We offer support after the course has finished to assist with implementation of learning and new skills.

Keele University AHP

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